Table 1

Kinetic parameters for pravastatin transport

Mean ± Computer Calculated SD
In vivo
 Normal rats1-a
  K M, in vivo(μM)181  ± 78
  V max, in vivo(nmol/min/kg)3440  ± 1410
  P dif, in vivo (ml/min/kg)4.92  ± 1.58
  K M, in vivo (μM)
  V max, in vivo(nmol/min/kg)
  P dif, in vivo (ml/min/kg)1.45  ± 0.07
In vitro (normal rats)
 In the presence of ATP1-c
  K M, in vitro(μM)262  ± 45.3
  V max, in vitro (pmol/min/mg protein)2870  ± 470
  P dif, in vitro (μl/min/mg protein)1.85  ± 0.15
 In the absence of ATP1-c (ATP-independent   uptake)
  K M, in vitro (μM)477  ± 99
  V max, in vitro (pmol/min/mg protein)1000  ± 221
  P dif, in vitro (μl/min/mg protein)1.68  ± 0.70
 ATP-dependent uptake1-d
  K M, in vitro (μM)223  ± 29
  V max, in vitro (pmol/min/mg protein)1960  ± 224
  P dif, in vitro (μl/min/mg protein)0.159  ± 0.045
 Inhibition on ATP-dependent DNP-SG   uptake1-e
  Ki (μM)172  ± 38
  • 1-a Data shown in Fig. 3(a).

  • 1-b Data shown in Fig. 3(b).

  • 1-c Data shown in Fig. 5(a).

  • 1-d Data shown in Fig. 5(b).

  • 1-e Data shown in Fig. 6.