Table 2

Metabolism of [14C] cerivastatin by human liver microsomes 2-a

Microsomal Batch No.Incubation Time (min)Individual Metabolites as Percentage of Total Metabolites2-b
CerivastatinM-1M-23M-24Unknown 1
12095.62.42.12-c 2-c
6080.211.28.12-c 0.9
22091.16.82.12-c 2-c
6072.319.77.52-c 2-c
32090.06.04.12-c 2-c
6082.710.27.32-c 2-c
42066.015.717.02-c 1.4
  • 2-a Experimental conditions were as described in Materials and Methods.

  • 2-b Arithmetic means of duplicate incubations are given.

  • 2-c Not detected.