Table 1

Summary of effects of various pharmacological agents and analogs on PB induction in primary rat hepatocyte cultures1-a

Agent1-bPathwayPhenobarbital Induction Response
StaurosporineBroad-band PK inhibitorInhibition
Calphostin CPKC inhibitorNo effect
PMAPKC activator/inhibitorNo effect
KN62CAM kinase II inhibitorInhibition
KN04Inactive analog of KN62Inhibition
KN93CAM kinase II inhibitorInhibition
KN92Inactive analog of KN93Inhibition
PD 98059MAPKK inhibitorNo effect
  • 1-a PKC, protein kinase C; CAM kinase II, Ca2+-calmodulin kinase II; MAPKK, mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase.

  • 1-b All agents listed were tested over a range of concentrations.