Table 2

Identified binding sites for covalent binding of BG to HSA

HPLC Peak2-aHSA ResiduesMolecular Weights of PeptidesSequence InformationModifications2-b
1198–2051407.6PSD, CIDBG-K-1992-c
2157–160980.4PSD, CIDBG-K-159
3467–472957.4PSD, CIDB-S-470
4156–1601127.4PSD, CIDBG-K-159
5198–2051231.6PSD, CIDB-K-199
157–160804.4PSD, CIDB-K-159
6476–4841423.5PSD, CIDB-S-4802-c
7309–313892.3PSD, CIDB-S-312
8219–2251158.5PSD, CIDB-R-2222-c
  • 2-a HPLC peak numbers correspond to the labeled peaks in fig. 8.

  • 2-b B, benoxaprofen; K, lysine; S, serine; R, arginine.

  • 2-c Modification sites also found for TG.