Table 3

Microsomal CYP1A protein and activity in heart and rete mirabile of eels from the environment

Collection SiteOrganEROD ActivityCYP1AEndothelial CYP1A
pmol/min/mg pmol/mg Stain Index
Vineyard Sound3-a Heart0.6  ± 0.5 ND3-b 0.2  ± 0.4
 (n = 8)Rete mirabile0.3  ± 0.1ND NA3-c
Marion HarborHeart1.0  ± 0.4ND1.3  ± 1.8
 (n = 5)Rete mirabile0.2  ± 0.1NDNA
New BedfordHeart5.8  ± 2.83-150 4.5 ± 1.710.1  ± 3.53-150
 (n = 11)Rete mirabile1.9  ± 1.23-150 0.05, 0.073-d NA

Eel heart and rete mirabile microsomes from eels collected in New Bedford Harbor, Marion Harbor, and Vineyard Sound were characterized for their CYP1A content and CYP1A catalytic activity (EROD) as described under Materials and Methods. Values are means ± S.D.

  • 3-150  Significantly different from all other sites (P < .01, Tukey-Kramer).

  • 3-a In liver from eels collected from Vineyard Sound, Marion Harbor, and New Bedford Harbor, the EROD activities were 77, 116, and 321 pmol/min/mg, respectively, and the CYP1A contents were 1, 13, and 190 pmol/mg, respectively (Schlezinger and Stegeman, 2000).

  • 3-b ND, CYP1A protein was not detected. This limit of detection in the assays as performed was 0.01 pmol/mg.

  • 3-c NA, not assayed because the entire rete was required for biochemical assays.

  • 3-d Bands corresponding to CYP1A were visible in two of the 11 eels from New Bedford Harbor.