Table 1

Clinical characteristics of liver donors

Liver or Culture IdentificationSexAgeOrigin of SpecimenDiagnosis
FT107F60Right lobeMCC
FT116M66Right lobeCC
FT119M74Left lobeMCC
FT126F52Right lobeMRC
FT128M19Right lobeDonor1-150
FT130M67Right lobeMCC
FT131F69Right lobeCC
FT134M67Left lobeMCC
FT135M77Left lobeAC
FT136M70Left lobeMCC
FT137F53Left lobeMCC
FT138F73Left lobeMCC
FT142M47Segment 2/3MCC
FT143F64Right lobeMCC
FT145F78Right lobeMCC
FT150M72Right lobeMCC
FT151F61Left lobeMCC
FT165F31Left lobeAC
FT167M57Right lobeMIC

For the following cultures, see corresponding references: FT112 and FT127 (Pichard et al., 2000); FT155, FT156, FT159, FT160, and FT166 (Pascussi et al., 2000a).

  • MCC, metastasis of colon cancer; MRC, metastasis of a rectum cancer; CC, cholangiocarcinoma; AC, adenocarcinoma; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma on normal liver; MIC, metastasis of islet cell carcinoma.

  • 1-150  Suicide by gun-shooting. The left lobe was transplanted in a child.