Table 4

Radiometabolite patterns in the plasma of rats and dogs following oral administration of [14C]gemifloxacin mesylate

CompoundPercentage of Plasma Radioactivity
Rat (168 mg fb/kg)Dog (24 mg fb/kg)
1 h2 h6 h2 h6 h12 h
Gemifloxacin acyl glucuronide4.
E-Isomer of gemifloxacin10.
N-Acetyl gemifloxacin2.43.13.2N.D.N.D.N.D.
Hydroxymethyl gemifloxacin1.
Gemifloxacin glutamateN.D.N.D.N.D.

Radiometabolite patterns were determined in plasma samples pooled from three animals at each time point.

  • N.D., not detected.