Table 1

Genetic linkage studies between polymorphic markers near the ENaC loci and human essential hypertension

GenesMarkers Used in StudyNumber of Sibling Pairs AnalyzedTraitPValueReference
αENaCD12S88961HTN0.10 Munroe et al., 1998
β-, γ-ENaCD16S403206SBP0.0003 Wong et al., 1999
β-, γ-ENaCD16S420172SBP0.005 Wong, et al., 1999
β-, γ-ENaCD16S42063HTN0.14 Munroe et al., 1998
β-, γ-ENaCD16S420304HTNN.S. Niu et al., 1999
β-, γ-ENaCD16S403301HTNN.S. Niu et al., 1999
  • HTN, hypertension; SBP, systolic blood pressure.