Table 1

Some milestone events in the history of the fish malodor syndrome

PeriodAnecdotal Observations
1000 BCMahabharata (Indian Epic)
1250 ADThai folklore
1600Shakespeare, The Tempest
1735Arbuthnot, Nature of Aliments
1948Eisenschiml, autobiography
PeriodClinical Observations
1970First clinical description; coining of the term “fish odor syndrome”, associated with excessive trimethylamine excretion and Turner's syndrome.
1970–1985Description of isolated and sporadic cases
1980Recognition of the “tainted egg” syndrome. Breed of chicken with dysfunctional N-oxidation.
1980–1990Clinical and biochemical case studies from several countries. Characterization of a human genetic polymorphism of trimethylamine N-oxidation.
1990sMolecular genetics of the flavin monooxygenase enzyme and recognition of candidate mutations for the fish malodor syndrome