Physiological data and estimated parameters of pralmorelin for various tissues in rats


Tissue Weight (Vwt)a

Tissue Blood Flowa


Kpss c
g ml/h ml/h ml/g tissue
Arterial blood 5.6 2394
Venous blood 11.3
Muscle 122 450
Heart 1 234
Small intestine 11.4 450
Lung 2.1 2394
Kidney 4 552 36.9
Liver 10 708 830 18.9
Brain 1.2 78
Skin 40 348

  • a The volume and blood flow for each tissue were taken from Hosseini-Yeganeh and McLachlan (2002). The tissue volume was converted to tissue weight based on the assumption of the tissue gravity of 1 g/ml

  • b CLtot is estimated using blood concentration and the renal blood clearance is calculated from the urinary excretion. The extrarenal clearance is assumed as the hepatic blood clearance and calculated using the blood flow. Renal blood clearance is assumed to be equal to the glomerular filtration rate

  • c Estimated from a hybrid model using the blood concentration vs. time curve as the input function