Model parameters used in clarithromycin simulation

Molecular weight747.96Biaxin package insert, Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL, 2009
pKa8.76N. Vyas, J. Hargrave, J. Lai, S. Lamb, K. Qian, and G. Venkatesh,
Blood/plasma ratio0.854Assumed to be the same as erythromycin
ka (h−1)3.38Chu et al., 1993
fa0.9Ferrero et al., 1990
Vss (CV) (l/kg)1.75 (21.6%)Chu et al., 1992
CLi.v. (CV) (l/h)31.14 (26%)Chu et al., 1992
CLR (l/kg)7.2Chu et al., 1993
fu, p0.48Suwa et al., 1988
Ki (μM)330Gascon and Dayer, 1991
kinact (h−1)1.8Merck unpublished data
KI (μM)4.56Merck unpublished data
fu, mic0.804Simcyp predicted