Biological GO categories of up- and down-regulated genes by estradiol treatment in macaque livers

Functional categories of up- and down-regulated genes were identified with level 5 GO terms using DAVID2.0 (P < 0.05) as described under Materials and Methods

Biological ProcessMolecular FunctionCellular Component
Fatty acid metabolic processLeukotriene-B4 20-monooxygenase activityCytoplasm
Monocarboxylic acid metabolic processIron-ion bindingCytoplasmic part
Lipid biosynthetic processEndoplasmic reticulum
Fatty acid biosynthetic processEndoplasmic reticulum membrane
Regulation of apoptosisNuclear envelope-endoplasmic reticulum network
Carboxylic acid biosynthetic processEndoplasmic reticulum part
Regulation of programmed cell deathMitochondrion
Cell deathVesicular fraction
Icosanoid metabolic processIntracellular membrane-bound organelle
Regulation of progression through cell cycle
Negative regulation of apoptosis
Negative regulation of programmed cell death
Protein oligomerization
Negative regulation of amine metabolic process