Estimation of portal vein concentrations for individual parent flavonolignans

A bold [I]/IC50 number indicates that the value is above the cutoff of 0.1.

VariableSilybin ASilybin BReference
Dose of silymarin (mg)700140700140(Hawke et al., 2010)
[Dose of individual flavonolignans (mg)][116][23.2][160][32]
Cmax (µg/ml)0.580.040.220.008(Hawke et al., 2010)
ka (Absorption rate constant; min−1)0.1(Ito et al., 1998)
Q (Hepatic blood flow; ml/min)1500(Wynne et al., 1989)
fu (Fraction unbound)0.05Dr. Mengs, Madaus GmbH, Germany
fa (Fraction absorbed)0.20.62From rat (Pade, 2007)
Cu,max,in (unbound portal vein conc.; µM)
[I]/IC50 ratio OATP1B10.020.0040.080.02Calculated
[I]/IC50 ratio OATP1B30.
[I]/IC50 ratio OATP2B10.050.010.880.16Calculated