Study outlines of PF06463922 and PF06471402 in athymic mice implanted with H3122 non–small cell lung carcinomas expressing EML4-ALKL1196M

ALK InhibitorStudyDosing RouteDosing RegimenDose Amount
mg/kg daily
PF064639221ap.o.Twice daily, 7 h apart0.6–40
2s.c.Constant infusion0.5–40
PF064714023p.o.Twice daily, 7 h apart1.2–60
4s.c.Constant infusion0.5–50
  • p.o., oral administration by gavage; s.c., subcutaneous constant infusion via ALZET osmotic pumps at the infusion rate of 0.5 μl/h.

  • a The results of study 1 have been reported in the previous report (Yamazaki et al., 2014).