Renal excretion of unchanged PF-06282999 in preclinical species after i.v. administration

SpeciesRenal ExcretionTotal CLpTotal CLrenalaUnbound CLrenalbUnbound CLrenal/GFR Ratioc
% of total doseml/min per kg
  • a Total CLrenal in blood was estimated by multiplying the total CLb with fraction of total i.v. dose of unchanged PF-06282999 excreted in urine. CLb was obtained by dividing CLp by the blood to plasma ratio in the individual animal species (mouse B/P = 1.1, rat B/P = 1.1, dog B/P = 0.91, monkey B/P = 1.2).

  • b Unbound CLrenal in blood was estimated by normalizing total CLrenal with the unbound free fraction in blood (mouse = 0.41, rat = 0.41, dog = 0.51, monkey = 0.45), which in turn was obtained by dividing the unbound plasma free fraction by the blood to plasma ratio.

  • c GFR values in rats, mice, dogs, and monkeys are 8.7, 10, 4, and 2 ml/min per kilogram, respectively.