Expression of mRNA for SLC drug transporters in the human iris-ciliary body, ciliary body, or iris

Minus signs indicate not detected, plus signs indicate detected, and plus/minus signs indicate that mRNA expression was low to negligible. Blank areas indicate that the study did not examine expression of the respective SLC drug transporter.

TransporterIris-Ciliary BodyCiliary BodyIris
Zhang et al. (2008)Dahlin et al. (2013)Lee et al. (2015)Dahlin et al. (2013)Lee et al. (2015)
Bile acid transporters
Dicarboxylate transporters
Organic cation transporters
Peptide transporters
  • The studies by Zhang et al. (2008), Dahlin et al. (2013), and Lee et al. (2015) used qPCR, microarray, and microarray for mRNA detection, respectively. The numbers of individual donor eyes used in these studies are as follows: Dahlin et al. (n = 15), Lee et al. (n = 5 to 6), and Zhang et al. (n = 3). ASBT, apical sodium-dependent bile salt transporter; NTCP, sodium taurocholate cotransporter; qPCR, quantitative polymerase chain reaction; RT-PCR, reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction.