Comparison of three different markers for CYP3A4 activities: 4β-hydroxycholesterol/cholesterol ratio (4β-OH cholesterol ratio), 6β-hydroxycortisol/cortisol ratio (6β-OH cortisol ratio), midazolam AUC0–16 hours, and midazolam Cmax before and after 14 days of PF-06282999 administrations with statistical analysis of the treatment effect

For each PF-06282999 dose, n = 9 subjects. The ratio-to-baseline values have been back-transformed from the log scale and the t test was used to obtain the P values.

Markers for CYP3A4125 mg Twice Daily PF-06282999500 mg Twice Daily PF-06282999
Ratio to Baseline (90% CI)P valueRatio to Baseline (90% CI)P value
4β-OH cholesterol ratio1.03 (0.95, 1.12)0.46571.14 (1.06, 1.24)0.0145
6β-OH cortisol ratio1.10 (0.88, 1.39)0.44971.53 (1.35, 1.73)0.0002
Midazolam AUC0–16 hours0.67 (0.63, 0.73)<0.00010.44 (0.38, 0.51)<0.0001
Midazolam Cmax0.69 (0.55, 0.87)0.01580.59 (0.44, 0.79)0.0107