Levels of GCA detected after 48 h

Bile AcidRatio of Bile Acid 
Provided Compared 
with GCA SignalLevels of Detected Bile Acids after 48 h
0 μM DCF110 μM DCF440 μM DCF
Cholic acid 11006612
Taurocholic acid21007710
Glycochenodeoxycholic acid101005015
Glycochenodeoxycholic acid 3-glucuronide0.21006914
  • DCF concentrations of 440 µM and 110 µM reduced the relative amounts of bile acids at the earliest time point. At day 5, cholic acid, taurocholic acid, glycochenodeoxycholic acid, and GCA were detected as the major bile acids. GCA was the most abundant bile acid identified in this 3D liver culture. Peak intensity (EIC%) relative values were for guidance only. They do not represent absolute amounts present in these experiments. Bile acid peak areas were compared with GCA peak areas and were found to be lower. GCA production was relatively stable over several days (data not shown).