Correlation between the rate of deimination of AZD6738 with P450 marker activities across a panel of HLMs from different donors

All activities are reported as picomolar per minute per milligram protein values.

Rate of Formation of AZ8982CYP1A2 ActivityCYP2C8 ActivityCYP2C9 ActivityCYP2C19 ActivityCYP2D6 ActivityCYP3A Activity
Rate of Formation of AZ89821.00
CYP1A2 Activity0.031.00
CYP2C8 Activity0.760.281.00
CYP2C9 Activity0.410.430.391.00
CYP2C19 Activity0.140.310.210.101.00
CYP2D6 Activity−0.17−−0.301.00
CYP3A Activity−0.350.65−0.16−0.16−0.03−0.571.00