Prospective drug interaction predictions with P4503A4 inhibitors clarithromycin and erythromycin

Simulated Ratio with ClarithromycinSimulated Ratio with Erythromycin
Simulated individuals10001000
Reference for study designGorski et al. 1998Olkkola et al. 1994
Simulated study design500 mg twice a day for 7 days and 4 mg midazolam on day 7 (2 h after the first dose of clarithromycin)500 mg erythromycin three times a day for 1 wk and 15 mg midazolam on day 6 (2 h after second dose of the day)
Age range for simulated individualsa21–6221–62
Simulated gender ratioaMalesMales
AUC0-inf geometric mean ratio (5th and 95th centile)1.71 (1.27–2.48)1.67 (1.22–2.40)
  • AUC0-inf, area under the plasma concentration-time curve time zero (pre-dose) extrapolated to infinite time.

  • a Demographics based on NCT03398421.