Table 6

In vivo and scaled microsomal- and hepatocyte-predicted DZ CLint values

In VivoMicrosomal6-aHepatocyte6-a
UT12754  (43%)99  (78%)
PB19168  (36%)144  (75%)
DEX323248  (77%)297  (92%)
  • Numbers in parentheses represent percentage of in vivo CLint.

  • 6-a Obtained by scaling in vitro CLint by 513, 513, and 660 mg/SRW for PB, DEX, and UT microsomes, respectively, and 1.2, 1.4, and 1.2 × 109/SRW for PB, DEX, and UT hepatocytes, respectively. UT predictions differ from previous publication (7) due to the use of literature scaling factors in the previous study.