Table 2

CYP2B6 component of 7EFC O-deethylase activity in a panel of human liver microsomes

Human Liver SampleCYP2B6 Content2-aTotal 7EFC O-Deethylase ActivityCYP2B6 7EFC O-Deethylase Activity ComponentDonor Information
pmol/mg pmol/(mg × min) pmol/(mg × min)
25158345256-year-old Caucasian female/cerebral bleed
453147355-year-old Caucasian female/cerebral bleed
50.3992134-year-old Caucasian male/cerebral bleed
60.71914756-year-old Caucasian female/cerebral bleed
72993314-year-old Caucasian female/anoxia (dilantin/phenobarbital therapy for control of organic seizures)
821523641-year-old Caucasian male/cerebral bleed
97453034041-year-old Caucasian female/cerebral bleed
18a3623012913-year-old female/cerebral bleed
2541555512-year-old female/cerebral bleed
2641313763-year-old male/cerebral bleed
2731535432-year-old female/brain tumor
2841564146-year-old female/meningo-endotheliomatous meningioma
29101293622-year-old male/multitrauma
32161651054-year-old male/tyrosinemia (cholestatic)
33320634-year-old male/biliary atresia (cholestatic)
35152761692.5-year-old male/tyrosinemia (cholestatic)
362223213731-year-old male/coma diabetica due to bronchopneumonia
CYP2B6227190cDNA-expressed enzyme
  • Race information is included where known. Total microsomal 7EFC activity was measured in each sample at 5 μM 7EFC. The CYP2B6 component of microsomal 7EFC O-deethylase activity was determined by conducting the microsomal assay in the presence of a mixture of anti-CYP1A1, CYP2C, and CYP2E1 antibodies as described inMaterials and Methods.

  • 2-a Determined from blotting intensity of CYP2B6 band in human liver microsomes, compared with the blotting intensity for cDNA-expressed CYP2B6 standard.