Table 1

Mean pharmacokinetic parameters for total radioactivity after oral or iv administration of 10 mg/kg [14C]meloxicam to male and female mice (N = 5 for each time point for blood sampling)

C max mg-eq/liter18.120.7
t max hr0.70.6
AUC0–∞ mg-eq·hr/liter64.7AUC0–∞ mg-eq·hr/liter60.789.5
MRTtot hr3.02MRTtot hr3.894.48
t 1/2 hr6.41 t 1/2 hr4.764.45
V z liters/kg1.43 V z/F liters/kg1.130.718
V ss liters/kg0.467
CL liters/hr/kg0.155 CL/F liters/hr/kg0.1640.112
F 0.94