Table 5

Pharmacokinetic parameters [mean and coefficient of variation (CV)] for total radioactivity after oral or iv administration of 10 mg/kg [14C]meloxicam to male mini-pigs (N = 3)

% %
C max mg-eq/liter15.3521.8
t max  hr3.057.7
AUC0–∞ mg-eq·hr/  liter24324.9AUC0–∞ mg-eq·hr/  liter21414.5
MRTtot hr67.434.1MRTtot hr67.527.5
t 1/2 hr12112.0 t 1/2 hr14523.0
V z liters/kg7.3817.8 V z/F liters/kg9.8523.9
V ss liters/kg2.9747.3
CL liters/hr/kg0.04322.0 CL/F liters/hr/kg0.04715.5