Table 1

Reactivity of rat UGTs with primary and secondary amines

Rat UGTPrimary AminesSecondary AminesReference
Purified enzymes
 3α-Hydroxysteroid UGT (UGT2B2)αNA > 4-ABP > βNA AnilineNT(Roy Chowdhury 1986; Green and Tephly, 1987)
 17β-Hydroxysteroid UGT (UGT2B3)αNA >> αNANT(Green and Tephly, 1987)
 3-MC inducible PNP UGT (UGT1A6)αNA >>βNAN-OH βNA(Bock 1979; Green and Tephly, 1987)
 Digitoxogenin monodigitoxoside UGTNoneNT(von Meyerinck 1985)
 Morphine UGTNoneNT(Puig and Tephly, 1986)
 4-Hydroxybiphenyl UGTNoneNT(Styczynski et al., 1991)
Expressed UGTs
 UGT2B1βNA (very low)NT(Pritchard et al., 1994)
 UGT2B6NoneNT(Mackenzie, 1990)
 UGT2B12NoneNT(Green et al., 1995)
 UGT1A1NoneNT(King et al., 1996)
 UGT1A6βNA > βNA >> 4-ABPN-OH βNA >> N-OH 4-ABP(Orzechowski et al., 1994)
  • NT indicates that these compounds were not tested.