Table 1

1H-NMR chemical shifts and coupling constants of telmisartan 1-O-acylglucuronide and isomeric acylglucuronides

Isomersδ in ppm J in Hz
1-O-acyl(β)6.44 d4.21 t4.36 t4.60 t4.72 d
J∼8.1J∼8.3 + 8.8J∼8.9 + 9.0J∼9.2 + 9.5J∼9.7
2-O-acyl(α)6.13 d5.56 dd5.02 t4.69 t5.37 d
J∼3.5J∼3.5 + 9J∼9.7J∼9.8J∼9.8
2-O-acyl(β)5.39 d5.74 t4.35 t4.56 t4.60 d
J∼8J∼8 + 9J∼9J∼9J∼9
3-O-acyl(α)5.93 d4.25 dd6.33 t4.56 t5.35 d
J∼3.3J∼3.3 + 9.9J∼9.4 + 9.6J∼9.7J∼9.8
3-O-acyl(β)5.41 d4.18 dd6.00 t4.54 t4.69 d
J∼7.7J∼7.9 + 9.4J∼9.6J∼9.7J∼9.8
4-O-acyl(α)6.02 d4.27 dd 1-a4.81 t 1-a5.95 t5.28 d
J∼4J∼4 + 10J∼9J∼10J∼10
4-O-acyl(β)5.44 dSi 1-a4.43 t 1-a5.93 t4.71 d

Resonances of the glucuronic acid moieties are listed. s = singulet, d = duplet, dd = double duplet, t = triplet, si = superimposed.

  • 1-a Arbitrary.