Table 3

Pharmacokinetic parameters of telmisartan 1-O-acylglucuronide after i.v. dosing of 4.02 mg/kg to rats (n = 6)

MRTtot h0.056.9
V c liters/kg0.2720.3
V ss liters/kg0.4625.6
AUCmodel μg · h/ml0.3818.4
C max μg/ml15.523.5

Pharmacokinetic parameters were calculated for individual animals using a two-compartment disposition model.

  • Pharmacokinetic parameters: Vc, the apparent volume of distribution of the central compartment after intravascular dosing; Vss, the apparent volume of distribution at steady state; MRT, mean residence time; CL, total body clearance from plasma after intravascular dosing; AUCmodel, area under the fitted curve from zero time to infinity; C(0), the back-extrapolated plasma concentration after i.v. bolus injection.