Table 5

Allometric equation coefficients, correlation coefficients, and predicted human clearance resulting from interspecies scaling of SB-265123, based on the inclusion of various species and correction factors (see text for details of correction)

axr2Predicted Human Clearance
All species included
 Plasma protein binding (PPB)3.00830.85990.73073.37
 PPB + MLP3.94421.23990.81681.57
 PPB + brain weight4.03821.81330.87921.48
 PPB + bile flow (Qbile)1.04671.26830.91502.41
 PPB + UDPGT3.56251.17670.865514.7
 PPB + Qbile + UDPGT1.60081.58510.947810.5
Mouse excluded
 PPB + MLP3.59181.95300.986714.5
 PPB + brain weight3.63502.62920.989818.8
 PPB + bile flow (Qbile)0.89921.56680.91346.09
 PPB + UDPGT3.29131.72570.981581.0
 PPB + Qbile + UDPGT1.49321.80330.922820.6
Rat excluded
 PPB + MLP4.35201.12270.99582.44
 PPB + brain weight4.50931.67750.99822.46
 PPB + bile flow (Qbile)1.19861.22520.94242.84
 PPB + UDPGT3.87181.08800.988720.5
 PPB + Qbile + UDPGT1.70551.55590.958711.8