Table 4

Effects of preimmune and anti-P-450 antibodies on quinone-type metabolite 3 formation of troglitazone catalyzed by human liver microsomes (samples HL-3 and HL-4)

Antibodymg IgG/nmol P-450Metabolite 3 Formation
pmol/min/nmol P-450
None114  (100)123  (100)
Preimmune2090  (79)96  (75)
Anti-CYP2C1073  (64)18  (14)
2063  (55)17  (13)
Anti-CYP3A1052  (46)76  (62)
2041  (36)68  (55)

Troglitazone (10 μM) was incubated with human liver microsomes (samples HL-3 and HL-4) in the absence or presence of preimmune, anti-rat CYP2C13, and anti-rat CYP3A2 antibodies. Data are means of duplicate determinations. Values in parenthesis indicate percentage of control (none).