Table 5

Accuracy of clearance predictions from liver microsomal in vitro T1/2 values including and excluding values for blood binding and microsome binding

Average Fold Error (predicted CLblood/actual CLblood)
Basic compounds only (n = 12)Neutral compounds only (n = 8)Acidic compounds only (n = 9)All compounds (n = 29)
Well-stirred model
 No binding considered (eq. 1)1.371.995.052.28
 Including fu(blood) (eq. 2)5.173.903.914.39
 Including fu(blood) and fu(mic) (eq.3)1.862.552.832.31
Parallel-tube model
 No binding considered (eq. 4)1.311.995.352.28
 Including fu(blood) (eq.5)4.753.903.794.20
 Including fu(blood)and fu(mic) (eq. 6)1.602.532.742.14