Table 4

The effects of chemical inhibitors on the in vitro rates of NVP metabolite formation by human hepatic microsomes and cDNA-expressed CYP in incubations with 100 μM NVP

InhibitorNVP Metabolite
Ketoconazole (0.5 μM)724-b 833125NA56 78
Ketoconazole (2.5 μM)90954756NA71 92
Troleandomycin (50 μM)89100250NA70100
Erythromycin (50 μM)60NA4-c 00NA50NA
Quinidine (15 μM)3NA 0NA70NA
  • 4-a Human hepatic microsomes

  • 4-b Percent inhibition

  • 4-c Not analyzed