Table 1

Sequence and location of primers used in PCR reaction and sequencing

Exon 2A (forward)ATG AAT GAA TGA ATG TCT C2735–2753
Exon 2A (reverse)CTC TGG TGG ACT TTT CAG2918–2935
Exon 2B (forward)TCT CCA TCT CAA CCC TCA GCC TG2750–2772
Exon 2B (reverse)GAA ATC GTC GCC CTG CCG3101–3118
Exon 2C (forward)GAG GAG CCA GCG CTA CGG3004–3021
Exon 2C (reverse)GAC GTT GGC CAC TGA CAC C3382–3400
Exon 2D (forward)GAG GCT AAG GCC CTG ATC AGC AG3305–3327
Exon 2D (reverse)AAC ACA GCA GCT GTG TGG GC3709–3728
Exon 3 (forward)TTT GCA CTT GGA AGT GCC AGA4209–4229
Exon 3 (reverse)GGC AAG GCT GTG GGT GAA C4417–4435
Exon 4 (forward)TAG CAG ATA CTT GGG AAA TGA TGG188–211
Exon 4 (reverse)ACC TGG GTT TCA AGG CTT CTC383–403
Exon 5 (forward)TGG GGC AGT TAG GCA GCC565–582
Exon 5 (reverse)TGA GAA GCC AGG AAG AGA AAA C785–806
Exon 6 (forward)CAC ATG CCC CAG CTT TCC AG85–104
Exon 6 (reverse)AGT TCC TAG CAG GGA CAA ACA GCC277–300
Exon 7A (forward)CCT CCC AGG GCC TCT CCA G418–436
Exon 7A (reverse)ACG CTG AAC TCC AGT TGC TGT AGC643–666
Exon 7B (forward)CGG TGT ATC GGG GAA GTC CTG587–607
Exon 7B (reverse)GGA AGA GAA ACA AGG GCT GAG TCC817–840
  • 1-a The numbers of location are based on the report byJaiswal et al. (1986).