Table 1

Statistical analysis of CYP3A inhibition at various protein concentrations by antifungal inhibitors

Regression ModelStepClotrimazoleKetoconazoleFluconazole
First Analysis:
 Protein Conc.10.600.0010.390.0060.060.3881-a
 + Inhibitor Conc.20.810.0030.940.0010.960.001
Second Analysis:
 Inhibitor Conc.10.210.0851-a 0.550.0010.900.001
 + Protein Conc.20.810.0010.940.0010.960.001
  • Predictor (protein and inhibitor concentrations) and response (percent inhibition) variables were log transformed. Stepwise linear regression was performed using SPSS Version 7.5 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL).

  • 1-a Non-significant, p > .05.