Table 2

Predicted percent of inhibitor bound to enzyme at various inhibitor and enzyme concentrations

Protein (μg)2550100200
Enzyme (pmol)(1.35)2.4(2.7)4.7(5.4)9.5(10.8)19
1.5 nM Clotrimazole621107913858101 2-a 2-a
6 nM Clotrimazole213842486210963100
10 nM Ketoconazole915142424433866
50 nM Ketoconazole24479141828
10 μM Fluconazole0.0060.010.0090.020.020.03NDND
60 μM Fluconazole0.0020.0030.0030.0060.0060.01NDND
  • Numbers in parentheses represent enzyme concentration estimated from eq. 2.

  • 2-a Could not be accurately determined; ND—not determined at this enzyme concentration.