Table 1

Pharmacokinetic data for flunitrazepam, cocaine, and nicotine

DrugDoseAUCT1/2Total Drug in Hair (ng/mg Hair)Incorporation Index
C57 (n = 4)Balb/C (n = 4)C57Balb/C
ng·h/μl h
Flunitrazepam 1 mg/mg12.5716.180.89 1-a 0.140.07 1-a 0.01
Nicotine10 mg/kg8.031.430.34 1-a 0.0250.04 1-a 0.003
Cocaine 4 mg/kg20.522.891.08 1-a 0.060.05 1-a 0.003

AUC and T1/2 values are mean of four animals. Incorporation index is total drug in hair divided by AUC (afterNakahara et al., 1996).

  • 1-a Significantly greater than Balb/C results by one-way ANOVA with significance assumed at p < .01.