Table 3

CYP3A inducers and their therapeutic dosage in humans

DrugExample of Clinical UseDosage/DayMaximum M Dosage/DayFold Maximum Dose versus Maximum Dexamethasone Dose
RifampicinStaphylococcal infections0.6–1.2 g/day, oral1.5 mmol60
Tuberculosis2–4 divided doses
DexamethasoneAnti-inflammatory, Diagnosis of Cushing's disease0.5–10 mg/day, oral25 μmol1
SpironolactoneEdema and ascites in cirrhosis of the liver100–200 mg/day, oral480 μmol19
Congestive heart failure
Cyproterone acetateMale hypersexuality200–30 mg/day, oral720 μmol29
Prostate cancer2–3 divided doses
MetyraponeDiagnosis and treatment of Cushing's disease0.25–6 g/day, oral27 mmol1080
6 divided doses
  • Data taken from the British National Formulary 37 (March 1999), published by the British Medical Association.