Table 2

Examination of coupled oxidation and glucuronidation of 7-ethoxycoumarin by human liver microsomes

Addition7-Hydroxycoumarin2-a7-Hydroxycoumarin Glucuronide2-a
+NADPH582 ± 2ND2-b
+NADPH + UDPGA261 ± 20292 ± 5
+NADPH + alamethicin608 ± 11ND2-b
+NADPH + UDPGA + alamethicin100 ± 1502 ± 4

7-Ethoxycoumarin (250 μM) and NADPH were incubated with microsomes from a mixture of nine human livers in the presence and absence of alamethicin and/or UDPGA. Incubations were then analyzed as described in Materials and Methods, and data is presented as the mean ± S.D. of three determinations.

  • 2-a Picomoles per milligram of protein per minute.

  • 2-b ND = not detected.