Table 2

Effect of GSH on the O-deethylation activity of P450 2B1 and P450 2B6

% Activity Remaining
P450 2B1P450 2B6
No GSH57  ± 534  ± 1
1 mM GSH61  ± 134  ± 5
5 mM GSHN.D.38  ± 8
10 mM GSH58  ± 4N.D.

Assay conditions were as described in Experimental Procedures. The data represent the mean and S.D. from three experiments with 2B1 and two experiments with 2B6. Residual P450 2B1 activity was assayed after 6 min of incubation with PPP and NADPH and P450 2B6 activity was assayed after 10 min.

  • N.D., not determined.