Table 1

Nonspecific binding of Rh123 to collagen-coated polystyrene and Permanox culture dishes

% of Initial DosePolystyrenePermanox
HBSSCa2+-free HBSSHBSSCa2+-free HBSS
Fourth rinse solution0.34  ± 0.020.76  ± 0.02N.D.N.D.
Triton X-1002.34  ± 0.044.89  ± 0.130.08  ± 0.020.14  ± 0.01

Culture dishes were treated according to the described procedure for determination of Rh123 accumulation in SC rat hepatocytes (dishes were incubated for 30 min with 1 μM Rh123 in standard or Ca2+-free HBSS and subsequently rinsed four times with ice-cold standard HBSS; dishes were then incubated with 0.5% Triton X-100 to recover all residual Rh123). Values represent average (±S.E.M., n= 6) amounts of Rh123 in fourth rinsing solutions and in Triton X-100 solutions, expressed as percentage of the amount of Rh123 added at the start of the incubation.

  • N.D., not detectable.