Table 1

pKa values and lipophilicity parameters of propranolol analogs1-a

CompoundRpKa1-blog P1-clog D (pH 7.4)1-c
P-CH3 9.533.481.35
TFP-CF3 4.373.663.66
tBuMe-C(CH3)3 9.024.623.00
TFE-CH2CF3 1-d 4.383.143.14
desOHP-CH3 (des OH)
desOHTFP-CF3 (des OH)

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  • 1-a  Determined at pION, Inc. by potentiometric titration in methanol-water, ionic strength adjusted with 0.15 M KCl, titrated using an Orion Ross semimicro pH electrode, Sirius GlpKa instrument. The apparent pKa values are extrapolated to the zero co-solvent pKa value using the Yasuda-Shedlovsky procedure (Avdeef et al., 1993).

  • 1-b  P ±0.01; Others ±0.02.

  • 1-c  All values ±0.04.

  • 1-d  ReplacesN-substituent.