Table 5

The effect of saccharic acid 1,4-lactone on UDP-glucuronosyl transferase activity in tissue microsomes

TissueUDP-Glucuronosyl Transferase Activity
GemfibrozilValproic Acid
−Saccharic Acid 1,4-Lactone+Saccharic Acid 1,4-LactoneControl−Saccharic Acid 1,4-Lactone+Saccharic Acid 1,4-LactoneControl
nmol/min/mg protein % nmol/min/mg protein %
HLM0.87, 0.820.73, 0.66820.97, 1.00.72, 0.9484
HKM0.51, 0.450.41, 0.42861.3, 1.21.2, 1.192
DLM4.8, 4.64.4, 4.2912.3, 2.32.3, 2.4100

HLM were produced by pooling microsomes prepared form six human livers, each one characterized as shown in Fig. 1. HKM were prepared form the kidney of a single human. DLM were prepared from the liver of a single beagle dog. Data represent mean from two individual expts. performed in duplicate.