Table 4

Correlation summary of radiometric HPLC and HPLC MS peaks characterized in human excreta

Peak DesignationName (PHA-Number)14C-HPLC Retention TimeMH+19F NMR Shift4-aApproximate Mean Abundance
min Da ppm %
M2 173558 7.2326−133.263.3
M4 142586 9.4370−122.0745
M6 142300 10.9370−132.1511
M10 142618 4-b 17.3312N.D.1.0
M12105368NR (18.5)296−121.30nq
M17141960 (impurity)22.4320No fluorine<0.5
M18142620 4-b 24.2352N.D.<0.5
M19a100440NR (25.2)297−121.47nq
P linezolid 25.4338−121.4730

Only five compounds (bold font) represented >1.0% of dose. Not all trace compounds characterized are included in this summary.

  • N.D., not detected; NR, not radioactive; nq, not quantified.

  • 4-a  The 19F NMR shift (ppm) is given for compounds detected in the urine.

  • 4-b  Acid-catalyzed decomposition products of PNU-142586; not detected in the neutral NMR samples.