Table 5

In vitro BPA glucuronidation rates extrapolated to hepatic capacity for BPA glucuronidation

SpeciesVmax nmol/min/0.5 × 106 HepatocytesHepatic Capacity
Female Fischer-3440.4646.5
Female Sprague-Dawley0.3954.5
Female CF1 mouse0.5013.8
Female human0.278 (mmol/h)
Male Fischer-3440.3661.8
Male Sprague-Dawley0.4579.9
Male CF1 mouse0.8223.6

Hepatic capacity was estimated by multiplying the higherVmax observed in monolayers containing 0.5 × 106 hepatocytes by the total number of hepatocytes per liver. Hepatocytes per liver were estimated from the values reported byKedderis et al. (1996) and were 128 and 137 × 106 cells/g for rodent and human liver.