Table 1

Primers used to identify CYP3A5 variants

VariantLocationNamePrimers Seq.(5′-3′)Position on Reference Sequence (5′)PCR Fragment (bp)
CYP3A5*2 Exon 11 *2(S) caatagtactgcatggactcagttgag 42955363
*2(R) cgaccaagttcgtataagacgg 43317
CYP3A5*3 Intron 3pri-IN3(S) cttcaatttttcactgac ctaatattc 22724Primary PCR used pri-IN3(S) and IN3(R) to form 310 bp.
IN3(S) ctttaaagagctcttttgtcctgca 22868
IN3(R) cacagcatgttgatccccataccta 23033Secondary PCR used IN3(S) and IN3(R) to form 166 bp.
CYP3A5*4 Exon 7 *4 (S) gctgcatgtatagtggaaggac 30428318
*4 (R) tggaattgtaccttttaagtggatg 30745
CYP3A5*5 Exon 5 *5 (S) catgaagatcaccacaactaatgtg 28692252
*5 (R) cttggaaacggactgtgatcttac 28943
CYP3A5*6 Exon 7 *6 (S) acaagacccctttgtggagagctttaa 30570141
*6 (R) gacgaaagaactgtatattaagtgtat 30710
CYP3AP1 CYP3AP1 5′-flanking region3A51F ggaagcaacctacatgtccatc 204Primary PCR used 3A51F and 3A52R to form 1337 bp
3A52R atcgccacttgccttcttcaac 1541
A−44G(S) caggtgagaggatatttaagaggc 1205Secondary PCR used A −44G(S) and A−44G(R) to form 337 bp
A−44G(R) catcgccacttgccttcttcaac 1542

The primers of CYP3A5 were designed according to the sequence in GenBank AC005020.5, and the primers of CYP3AP1 were designed according to the sequence in GenBank AF325929.