Table 4

Substrates reported to display biphasic kinetics in various in vitro systems

SubstratePathwayEnzyme SourceReference
Aminopyrine N-DemethylationYeast-expressed CYP1A1 Inouye et al., 2000
7-Ethoxycoumarin O-DeethylationYeast-expressed CYP1A1Ibid.
Levo-α-acetylmethadolDemethylationHLM and cDNA-expressed CYP3A4 Oda and Kharasch, 2001
1-Methoxy-4-nitrobenzene O-Demethylation E. coli-purified CYP1A24-a Miller and Guengerich, 2001
NaphthaleneHydroxylationBaculovirus-expressed CYP3A4 Korzekwa et al., 1998
Naproxen O-DemethylationVaccinia-expressed CYP2C9 Korzekwa et al., 1998
Naproxen O-DemethylationBaculovirus-expressed CYP2C9 Hutzler et al., 2001b
Nor-levo-α-acetylmethadolDemethylationHLM and cDNA-expressed CYP3A4Ibid.
  • HLM, human liver microsomes.

  • 4-a  Rabbit enzyme.