Table 1

Primer sequences used for RT-PCR analysis

Primer1-aSequenceGenBank Access NumberLocation1-bExpected Size
nt bp
UGT1A1 sense 5′-aacaaggagctcatggcctcc NM_000463412–432646
UGT1A3 sense 5′-tgttgaacaatatgtctttggtcta NM_019093347–371698
UGT1A4 sense 5′-gaaggaatttgatcgcgttac AF297093 135686–135706787
UGT1A5 sense 5′-ggtggtggtcctcaccctg AF297093 129770–129788701
UGT1A6 sense 5′-tcctggctgaggtatttgggcc NM_001072560–580563
UGT1A7 sense 5′-atgctcgctggacggcaccattg U89507 284–306749
UGT1A8 sense 5′-ggtcttcgccaggggaatagg AF030310 489–518535
UGT1A9 sense 5′-ggaggaacatttattatgccaccg AF056188 660–683391
UGT1A10 sense 5′-cctctttcctatgtccccaatga U89508 556–578477
UGT1A antisense1-c 5′-gttcgcaagattcgatggtcg AF297093 182646–182627
UGT2B4 sense 5′-ctcttaaatttgaagtttatcctgt NM_021139249–273706
UGT2B7 sense 5′-ttcacaagtacaggaaatcatgtca NM_001074341–365592
UGT2B4/7 antisense1-d 5′-accacaacaccattttctcc NM_021139/NM_001074954–935 (UGT2B4)
931–912 (UGT2B7)
UGT2B15 sense 5′-tgggaatattatgactacag NM_001076373–392515
UGT2B17 sense 5′-tgtgttgggaatattctgactataa NM_001077398–422519
UGT2B15/17 antisense1-e 5′-aggggtttggctggtttac NM_001076/NM_001077887–869 (UGT2B15)
915–899 (UGT2B17)
  • 1-a  All UGT sense primers correspond to exon 1 sequences in each of the respective UGT genes.

  • 1-b  Primer locations are identical to those indicated in corresponding GenBank accession numbers.

  • 1-c  The same exon 3-derived antisense primer was used for all RT-PCR amplifications of family 1 UGTs.

  • 1-d  The same exon 3-derived antisense primer was used for RT-PCR amplifications of UGT2B4 and UGT2B7.

  • 1-e  The same exon 2-derived antisense primer was used for RT-PCR amplifications of UGT2B15 and UGT2B17.