Table 3

Glucuronidation of 7-OH-BaP by overexpressed UGTs

μM pmol · min−1 · mg−1 μl · min−1 · g−1
1A7129  ± 4.8277  ± 172159
1A8234  ± 24471  ± 1002015
1A1049  ± 3.567  ± 2.01377

Glucuronidation assays were performed using UGT1A7 and UGT1A10-overexpressing baculosomes and UGT1A8-overexpressing HK293 cell homogenates, as described under Materials and Methods. No detectable glucuornidation activity was observed against 7-OH-BaP for homogenates from cells overexpressing UGT1A6 or UGT2B4, or for UGT2B17-overexpressing microsomes. Kinetic parameters were calculated based on three individual experiments for each UGT examined.