Table 1

Clinical information on liver donors

Liver Donor IdentificationSexAge (yr)RaceDiagnosisDeath
HL-N0951-a M63whiteCerebrovascular strokeYes
HL-N098M56whiteHead traumaYes
HL-N100M57whiteNot knownNo
H2321-150 M43whiteHypertensive bleedYes
H233M6whiteHead traumaYes
H249F33whiteCarbon monoxide poisoningYes
H254F72whiteHepatocellular carcinomaNo
  • 1-150  Human hepatocytes from each of the donors were used to test all 14 test compounds, except for donors H232 and H233. Hepatocytes from donor H232 were used for dexamethasone, dexamethasone-t-butylacetate, methotrexate, and phenobarbital, whereas those from donor H233 were used for the remaining 10 compounds.

  • 1-a  Primary cell cultures of human hepatocytes were performed at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for donors HL-N095, HL-N098, and HL-N100 and at XenoTech LLC. for donors H232, H233, H249, and H254.