Table 3

Stoichiometry of binding of PCP to P450 2B6

Sample% Inactivationcpm3-aPCP:P450 2B6
+PCP, −NADPH, −GSH0339  ± 970.3  ± 0.08:1
+PCP, +NADPH, −GSH53.33  ± 1.535900  ± 4025.5  ± 0.44:1
+PCP, +NADPH, +GSH55.00  ± 4.361230  ± 41.1  ± 0.06:1

Reconstituted P450 2B6 was inactivated in the presence of a trace amount of [3H]PCP. The counts in each sample were measured after extensive dialysis. Each value represents the mean and S.D. of three experiments done in duplicate.

  • 3-a  Counts per minute for each sample after subtracting the number of counts for the background or control sample and accounting for percent inactivation.