Table 3

Quantitation of etoricoxib metabolites as the percent of total radioactivity in human urine (0–24 hr) following i.v. (25 mg) and p.o. (100 mg) administration of [14C]etoricoxib

Subject NumberDose RoutePercent of Total Radioactivity Excreted in Urine (0–24 hr) as Etoricoxib and Its Metabolites3-a3-b
6′-Carboxy-etoricoxib6′-Hydroxy-methyl-etoricoxib Glucuronide6′-Hydroxy-methyl-etoricoxib-1′-N-oxideEtoricoxib-1′-N-oxide6′-Hydroxy-methyl-etoricoxibEtoricoxib
  • 3-a  Data represent mean and S.D. of n = 6 subjects. The data in parentheses represent the mean percent of the dose recovered in urine as unchanged etoricoxib and each of its metabolites (percent of dose in 0–24 h urine was 34.9 and 33.3% after the i.v. and p.o. dose, respectively).

  • 3-b  The total amount of radioactivity accounted for as parent and metabolites in 0–24 h urine after i.v. and p.o. dosing is 95%.